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As a well-known financial company, CBU Group attaches great importance to the security and stability of transaction technology. Moreover, we use our self-developed processing system and high-performance trading server to build a stable and solid foreign exchange trading process, and strive to provide investors around the world with the safest, most reliable and most comfortable user experience trading platform.

CBU is committed to providing investors with various types of trading products, trading teaching, and constantly improving user experience. It is hoped that investors can use the most comfortable trading platform while also improving investors' understanding of trading products and trading knowledge.

Best Choose

Best Choose

Why Choose CBU?

CBU attaches great importance to the management of client funds, and we also take various measures to protect clients' profit.

Recruiting Dealers

Average income (USD)

Average profit (USD)

Absolute Privacy

Guarantee that all your transactions
are certified by a notary

  • Our online security procedures and policies are carefully designed
  • High security product and service design
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • Leading development technology
  • Provide the right tools for teaching


Diversified Trading Products



Bitcoins are better than currencies because they do not need to be kept in one place.

Bill Gates
Co-founder of Microsoft

Ten percent of my net worth is in this space. It’s the best investment of my life.

Mike Novogratz
Goldman Sachs partner

I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to change the world.

Peter Thiel
Co-Founder of Paypal


24/7 Customer Consultation

Answering Your Questions in Chats and Tickets

Our support team got started in 2014, when traders had to wait 2 minutes for a reply in chats. Today you can get an answer to any question in just 43 seconds!

Actuarial cost of your investment

Don't let transaction fees lose your profits. Use HSUFX to trade every ultra-low procedure online.

Entering the market with our powerful platform

Recently, the account assets have been stolen, resulting in loss of members. Therefore, when the Exchange stipulates that when opening a member account, if there is a need to modify the confidential information, it will be charged the setting fee and the margin, but the margin will be When your withdrawal is successful, it will be returned to you.

Investment guidance to meet your goals

Other confidentiality changes such as change of name or account, and the completion of the change requires 500% of the total points in the transaction amount before you can apply for withdrawal.

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2.Forecast Market

You will learn how to predict the market independently or with the help of our experts

3.Enter Market

See the market trend, invest money to earn more bonuses

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We provide an innovative trading platform to open the door to investment for you. It only takes a few seconds to open an account easily, and the 24/7 service team allows you to trade at home with your fingers. All fund deposits and withdrawals are carried out through trusted formal banks and payment institutions.

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